Indian Head Massage

Mobile Indian Head Massage Service Bishop's Stortford, Stansted & Surrounding Towns & Villages Offered On A One To One Basis Or Buisness & Group Bookings


Indian Head Massage Mobile Service In The Comfort Of Your Home

Indian Head Massage £45.00

60 minute treatment with relaxation

Works on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Stress can negatively affect all three and create a state of imbalance. Indian Head Massage can help restore the balance by bringing relaxation to body and mind.


Indian Head Massage may assist the following

* Fatigue * Insomnia * Tension * Headaches * Stress *Anxiety

Relieve eyestrain, tension, headaches, tinnitus, jaw ache and sinusitis congestion

Improve concentration due to mental tiredness Improve disturbed sleep

Ease muscle tension and alleviate neck and shoulder stiffness

Stimulate lymph circulation & removal of toxins

Restore joint movement and mobility

Stimulate scalp circulation Promote hair growth

Balance energy flow Disperse toxins from tense muscles


Carried out in a seated position this is a great treatment for complete relaxation, relief of stress, relief of stiffness in neck & shoulders which can aid mobility of neck & shoulder muscles.

Traditionally Indian Head Massage was designed to be carried out over your clothes with oils applied only to the scalp. I have found that it is more luxurious & beneficial to use oils on the upper back, shoulders, neck, face & the scalp. I am also a fully trained aromatherapist so am able to use essential oils to further enhance this treatment, I have had many a client drift off during the treatment & feel completely relaxed. Just close your eyes, switch off & have a bit of me time.


Indian Head Massage Treatments In Your Place Of Work Or For Any Group Bookings 

Helps boost staff/group moral, clear & relax the mind, lower stress levels, more energy & all the other benefits mentioned on this page

I offer a mobile service providing Indian Head Massage treatments for your staff members or for any group bookings and will be tailored to your company/group needs, budget, time availability & regularity of visits. All I need is a small reasonably quiet room or area to work in, I will bring along a suitable chair & everything else I require. I am happy to provide this service to staff of small & large offices, hotels, shops & any business or group where your staff or group members would love to have Indian Head Massage. The price of an Indian Head Massage treatment is reasonably discounted depending on booking numbers, treatment lengths required (your choice) or a day rate can be agreed. Please call me for further details so that we can work together to choose a suitable day, number of staff/group members, length of treatments & any other finer details you can think of.